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Dr YUNUS ABIODUN AKINTUNDE is currently the Senator Elect to represent Oyo central senatorial district at the upper chamber of the National Assembly, hence, his strides as an iconic leader per Excellence that he is, remains one of the reasons his birthday should be well celebrated today.

As ADISA OMO SAGUNMO clocks 61, he still understands perfectly the true meaning of democracy, and how to uphold it's tenets, and which is why he contested an election upon seeing the plight of the people of the senatorial district and decided to take it upon himself to come to their rescue, and has finally been able to actualize his mission.

Now it is Left for him to embark on his Mission for the good people of Oyo central senatorial district, one of which is to inculcate good governance, excellent leadership prowess anchored on selflessness and transparency.

Ostensibly, Dr YUNUS ABIODUN AKINTUNDE has come not just to trigger the development of Oyo central senatorial district, but to also thread on the path of empowering the people, by making sure that no stone is left unturned in securing a better living standard for them.

As Dr YUNUS ABIODUN AKINTUNDE marks 61 birth Anniversary today, his philanthropic gestures cut across borders, and his flair for the good of everyone cannot be underestimated, irrespective of the situation of the country, He is embedded in the habit of sustaining the legacy of a true democrat cum leader whose kindness and generosity echo in all nook and cranny of Oyo state.

As he celebrates his 61st birthday, nothing much more than prayers of good health, long life and prosperity, which will enable to live a fruitful life geared towards the betterment of the people of Oyo central senatorial district, and also to fathom on the right path of economic, and social antecedents that will enhance the development of all and sundry.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR, Longlife and Prosperity .

God bless Nigeria

God bless Oyo State

God bless Oyo central senatorial district.