As we all may know, politics is deep but not as shallow as understanding it as something that brings about good governance, excellent representation and impeccable leadership prowess.

Being that Politics birthed politicians which is why people seek to run for elective positions, our own Dr YUNUS AKINTUNDE has made it known that the good people of Oyo central senatorial deserves the best and nothing but the best. As a matter of fact, he has obliged himself to being a voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless and emblem of unity, peace and love among the people.

Apparently, nothing good comes easy, but by electing capable leaders one could tell of the goodness that it will result to, and one of which the people of Oyo central senatorial courtesy need YUNUS AKINTUNDE to pilot the affairs of the district for the utmost best of everyone anchored in astute humility, transparency, accountability and enhancement of sustainable development.

YUNUS ABIODUN AKINTUNDE has made himself available, and all that concerns his ambition can be achieved if he is considered for the office, and if he emerges, Oyo central senatorial courtesy could have the much anticipated voice it has consistently yearns for.

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