One perfect attribute of a good leader is to be a good listener, and without sentiments, the candidacy of Dr Yunus Akintunde being the APC Senatorial Candidate for Oyo Central Senatorial District is undoubtedly someone coated in good listening ability.

Dr YUNUS ABIODUN AKINTUNDE is someone whose kindness, diligence and perseverance geared towards the betterment of his people is always topnotch, and being that he is a renowned politician embedded in the habit of giving back to the society in ways that match his capacity, he has as well take it upon himself to carry the cross of Oyo central Senatorial district by making sure that if possibly he assumes office as their eye in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, everyone would have a joyous song to sing.

Apparently, being a good listener isn't just about being the people's choice. After all, one thing is for the people to believe strongly in you by declaring their support for you, and the other is for you to make it up to them when you finally climb the mantle of leadership, and that is where 'GOOD LISTENERSHIP' comes in.

Does it really mean anything to be a good listener? Of course it does, and that is where the idea of Dr YUNUS ABIODUN AKINTUNDE comes in. He is a good listener who has cut across borders and well acquainted with the tenets of good governance and democracy, and he has made it known that if elected he would not just enact his rare and sterling ideas of good governance in Oyo central senatorial district,  rather he would also ensure that no stone is left unturned as long as the development of the district is concerned.

The bottom line is, With Dr YUNUS ABIODUN AKINTUNDE, Oyo Central Senatorial district will definitely hit the rock of greatness again, sustainable development and Inestimable good governance, and that could be possible if the people decide to vote massively for him, and as a matter of fact, if they do, the magic of Dr YUNUS ABIODUN AKINTUNDE which is no other than investing positively in the lives of the people is certain to comb the whole of Oyo central senatorial district that posterity would ask about his person.

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Yunus Akintunde [Phd]
Tanna Tanna Yunusi
For Oyo central Senatorial District

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