There is a popular saying which goes like this, ' Experience is the best Teacher', which is certainly the truth because most times people who don't have the needful experience in doing things, mostly end up as pathetic failures.

Meanwhile, in the case of Hon YUNUS AKINTUNDE, the reverse is the case as he is undoubtedly tested, trusted and reliable.

Oyo central senatorial courtesy deserves someone with wealth of experience, dripping charisma and excellent leadership acumen to pilot all affairs that concerns the people, thereby making it a priority to deliver impressively on the mandate of good governance and uncompromised representation.

In every leadership, experience is always a topnotch ladder needed to climbing to the peak of all aspirations, and all that can be found in Dr YUNUS AKINTUNDE, whose landslide achievement in Oyo state echo across borders and has never stopped being good and reliable to his people.

If all that could be achieved even without having to be in a position of authority yet, the best can as well be attained if given the opportunity to serve Oyo central senatorial courtesy diligently and frightfully.