Cubana Group Partners Optimum Drinks, Set To Lunch Sageitude Wines In Ibadan come October 9, 2021
The Chairman, Cubana Group, Obi Cubana is set to launch his "premium range of Sageitude wines" (Cubana Wines) which is to include La Reserva Premium, Alexander the Great and Varna Red wines in Ibadan. The Sageitude Wines is to be solely distributed by Optimum drinks.
Optimum drinks, which is one of the leading outlets in drinks distribution in Nigeria has acquired licence to market and distribute the exotic drinks at their branches at Ibadan and the southwest respectively.
Mr. Bukola Odeleye, who  facilitated the partnership between the Cubana Group, Sageitude Wines and Optimum Drinks also considers this as a start to a new dispensation.