Lucy has taken over from Nengi as Head of the House of the BBNaija 2020 tagged Lockdown.

Lucy emerged as the second Head of the House exactly a week after Nengi won the challenge at the Arena.

Lucy’s emergence came in the second week of the show after all the Housemates – except Nengi and Wathoni – gathered to contest for the ‘Head Of House’ in a throw dice challenge.

As requested by Biggie, Lucy chose Prince to be her deputy.

It was a game of dice rolling and boxes with instructions to determine the second HoH after Biggie had exempted the previous HoH and her deputy from the game.

Eighteen Housemates took turns to throw the dice and participated in the game at the kick-off.

At the end of the participation, Neo, Lucy, and Ozo became the two major contenders for the HoH title.

Neo, Lucy, and Ozo became the three Housemates in keen contention for the most important position in the House after they tied.

Lucy eventually won the challenge.