Published by flimixbeatz / May/ 10/ 2020

50 Cent appeared on Andy Cohen After Show and answered some questions from the audience.

One of the viewers wanted to know when 50 talked to Eminem last time and what happened to the song they worked together. Apparently, Fif was as surprised with the recent news from Marshall’s household as every other person with the main difference that he could call Em and check up on him:

I just spoke to him two days ago. Because someone broke into his house, a lot of stuff was going on, the security was asleep so Em actually caught the guy.

Fif hesitated with his answer to the second part of the question and that was enough for the hist to move on to the next one. However, we all know that 50 cannot really talk about his projects with Marshall, it is not his call and he wouldn’t break the news first.

Watch 50 cent talking about his conversation with Eminem:

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