• Published by Flimixbeatz - May 07, 2020

Crew member exposes the real cause of death that claimed Nigerian popular dancers picture Kodak life
Following the untimely death of a popular Nigerian dancer picture Kodak who is know to feature in almost every music video in Nigeria. 
Picture Kodak who has featured in all Nigerian pop star video like olamide And other hip hop artist was said to have died of electrocution in her video directors house in lagos couple of day ago. 
One of the crew member has took to her Instagram handle to share more information about picture kodak death. 
The crew member shares this information on her what’s app status stating that the incident did not happens at the video directors house as most bloggers were disseminating a wrong information. 
He said the unfortunate event that caused the death of Kodak happened at Clarence Peter  studio and Clarence Peter was not even around at the moment the incident occurred.
Narrating the event the crew member stated by warning everyone about being careful about how they use their phone as it’s is dangerous using a phone having a back coated with metal. 
Phone having a metal back cover are conductors of electricity not mentioning any phone product but get yourself and insulating pouch of your phone has a metal back cover.
The crew member said, kodak also called love divine (LD) was charging her phone which had metal back cover and she was trying to use a metal socket while her body was sweaty with no shoes, suddenly they heard a bang which got them curious.
“We looked back to see what happened and saw a spark on LD’s phone lying on her chest, we rushed to her to see that she had been electrocuted” The eyewitness said.
“We carried her somewhere safer, tried to revive her, she was responding with gasps, her colleague was calling her name, I went out to call for help, then Clearance was notified”
After first aid, we carried her in a car and went to hospital in the estate, they wouldn’t even open gate”
“We moved to another hospital, finally, doctor came and checked her and said she was dead” 
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