On our way back from the FM station this Morning, We encountered Nigerian Police Officers demanding to check our phones. I asked them two questions and they failed. So, I told them I cannot give my phone to strangers. My phone is very personal to me and myself alone, what can make me give my phone to u Sirs, Pls kindly provide a Search warrant which carries my full names. 

They were not even with safety materials to prevent themselves from Coronavirus, What if I am infected with the deadly virus. They don't even care about their lives.

I began to ask myself series of questions after they left with their shameful and disgraceful manners, this made me shed tears and I conclude that NIGERIA IS A JUNGLE. The People we called Lawmakers are also Lawbreakers and the Law enforcement agencies are the ones disobeying the directives of the Government.  We need to bring our seats to the table for dialogue on how to restructure this Nation.

#OmoObaMeji 🇳🇬🎙️